Solutions for a distributed and digital energy world

Kiwigrid aims to help utilities, electric vehicle manufacturers, and vendors of distributed energy assets master the energy transition. Our customers use our Energy Service Platform to open up new markets, diversify their products and services, and pull ahead of their competition. To make this possible, Kiwigrid offers them cutting edge technology and energy services that help increase energy efficiency, optimize the use of renewable energies, pave the way for electric vehicles, and stabilize grids.

Why Kiwigrid

A unified platform for all market participants

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The Kiwigrid Energy IoT Platform provides solutions along the entire energy value chain. Our multi service capabilities allow value-added services and applications for all market participants one platform.

Turnkey solutions for a faster time to market

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We develop your solution to a large extent from modular applications running on a plug and play cloud system. This enables you to launch your solution after a short development time.

Connectivity “out of the box” to solve the greatest challenge of smart grids

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KiwiOS is able to connect over 1,000 different devices from the world's leading manufacturers, including inverters, small-scale storage, electric vehicle charging stations, heat pumps, small-scale CHP, ACs and smart home systems.

Highest end-to-end security and 100% regulatory compliance

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Our platform is engineered to meet the German BSI and the international Common Criteria EAL4+ security level, allowing our hardware and software components to connect even the most sensitive parts of the grid.

Software as a service for lower total costs of ownership

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Avoid expenses for personnel and investments in IT infrastructure. Instead, take advantage of our software-as-a-service model - including platform development, hosting, administration and support.

Differentiate from competition and penetrate new markets

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By merging your experience in the energy industry with our expertise in energy management, IT and innovation, we create a solution that sets you apart from the competition providing you with an first mover advantage in emerging market segments.

Industry expertise and maximum customer centricity

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We have successfully completed more than 70 projects together with utilites, automotives, PV and storage manufacturers as well as telecommunications companies. Throughout the entire project, we make sure that you and your customers are put first.

Triad of market, technology und business model innovation

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We work with customer-centric, iterative methods to translate your ideas and our products into a technically, economically and commercially feasible solution.

How we make it happen

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