Reimagine Energy Kiwigrid

An exer­cise in imag­i­na­tion II

Imag­ine you work at a mar­ket-lead­ing hard­ware dis­trib­u­tor with a large and sat­is­fied cus­tomer base. You enjoy being part of a long-estab­lished busi­ness. Things are going well, your process­es are work­ing and the prof­it mar­gins are good.  

How­ev­er, you know that you must con­stant­ly adapt and grow to stay on top of the game. And as your cus­tomers’ sat­is­fac­tion and long-term reten­tion are cru­cial to you, you can’t afford to just offer the min­i­mum prod­uct, you will want to offer all they need in one neat pack­age.  

A trans­form­ing ener­gy land­scape

You have noticed new busi­ness mod­els push­ing their way into the ener­gy land­scape. You’ve been read­ing about the Inter­net of Things and you’ve thought about what dig­i­ti­za­tion could mean for your busi­ness. Even though ener­gy and inno­va­tion may not be your main focus, you’ve real­ized that they hold sig­nif­i­cant poten­tial. Still, you just can’t quite put your fin­ger on how to trans­form that poten­tial into real busi­ness because it’s unchar­tered ter­ri­to­ry for you. 

Enter Kiwigrid, a com­pa­ny at home in the dig­i­tized ener­gy world. For Kiwigrid and its long-term clients, dig­i­tal ener­gy is busi­ness as usu­al and so are the com­mer­cial returns it reaps. 

Through this part­ner­ship you’ll adopt the role of a facil­i­ta­tor. You’ll enable your cus­tomers to get fur­ther val­ue from their rela­tion­ship with you – with­out even hav­ing to look after the tech­ni­cal side of things. Mean­while, you’ll be sur­round­ed by experts in the dig­i­tal ener­gy land­scape, an area pre­vi­ous­ly unfa­mil­iar to you. Clear evi­dence of suc­cess will guide you to con­tin­ue mak­ing inci­sive deci­sions in a mar­ket where the oppor­tu­ni­ties are rapid­ly increas­ing.  

There’s no need to be appre­hen­sive of the inevitable chal­lenges of changeChange is one of busi­ness’ con­stants and Kiwigrid embraces the oppor­tu­nities it entails. 

With Kiwigrid as your part­ner you will tack­le chal­lenges head-on, push through them and emerge vic­to­ri­ous, ready to repeat the process at the next hur­dle. Learn more.