Reimagine Energy

An exer­cise in imag­i­na­tion III

Imag­ine you work at an ener­gy util­i­ty com­pa­ny.  

It’s been an unusu­al time for you and your col­leagues, as for the last decade the promise of a chang­ing ener­gy land­scape has threat­ened your modus operan­di. Renew­ables, dig­i­tal ener­gy and elec­tric vehi­cles are all excit­ing and ide­o­log­i­cal­ly sound, but where does that leave the big ener­gy providers? On top of that, how can you rec­on­cile all of this in an ever-dig­i­tiz­ing world that will rely heav­i­ly on a steady, cheap and clean sup­ply of ener­gy? It’s all a bit over­whelm­ing. 

In an indus­try that’s becom­ing more and more sat­u­rat­ed with buzz­words – AI, machine learn­ing, Inter­net of Things, elec­tro­mo­bil­i­ty – some­one needs to take the reins. This is where Kiwigrid comes in.  

Turn com­plex mat­ters into easy-to-fol­low systems

Not only is Kiwigrid an expert in ener­gy, but it’s also a spe­cial­ist in all things dig­i­tal. What’s more, they know how to mar­ry the two togeth­er, turn­ing tricky sit­u­a­tions which oth­ers find com­plex into sys­tems that are easy to fol­low.  

And that’s not all, as cus­tomers using the company’s plat­form are intro­duced to busi­ness­es and firms from mul­ti­ple indus­tries that per­haps wouldn’t have been seen as rel­e­vant pre­vi­ous­ly. Work­ing with Kiwigrid instant­ly increas­es ser­vice offer­ings, whether that is by tak­ing advan­tage of new part­ner­ships, improv­ing your own cus­tomer ser­vice, show­ing you are lis­ten­ing or sim­ply to be pio­neer­ing, just by access­ing a new ener­gy world from a sin­gle source.  

Kiwigrid’s plat­form offers the poten­tial to com­plete­ly change the way the ener­gy world works by enabling util­i­ties to tap the poten­tials of a dig­i­tal and dis­trib­uted ener­gy world and by putting the pow­er back into the hands of end users. The change is already hap­pen­ing; the ener­gy world is democ­ra­tiz­ing and dis­trib­ut­ing before our very eyes and ear­ly adopters are enjoy­ing the ben­e­fits. Kiwigrid offers the per­fect oppor­tu­ni­ty to be a part of it. 

With­in ener­gy utility com­pa­nies, it’s nec­es­sary for the bold indi­vid­u­als to approach the chal­lenge face on and to jump on the band­wag­on quick­ly. Dis­cov­er your options. 

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