Reimag­ine Ener­gy: the e-mobil­i­ty edi­tion

The cities, homes and work­places of the future will be pow­ered by an increas­ing­ly dis­trib­uted ener­gy sys­tem, in which elec­tric vehi­cles will play a sig­nif­i­cant role.

As glob­al home­build­ing trends move towards self-sus­tain­ing prop­er­ties and all trans­porta­tion starts to elec­tri­fy – not just pri­vate EVs, but also taxis, bus­es, lor­ries and con­struc­tion equip­ment – we need intel­li­gent load bal­anc­ing tech­nol­o­gy to effi­cient­ly man­age the mul­ti­tude of ener­gy pro­duc­ers and con­sumers.

E-mobil­i­ty is one of the key pil­lars of a glob­al net-zero econ­o­my. That’s why we made it the focus of our first edi­tion of Reimag­ine Ener­gy in 2020. In addi­tion, we put a spot­light on the Ger­man smart meter roll­out.

What to expect in the new edi­tion:

  • In-depth inter­views with two com­pa­nies that are enter­ing the ener­gy mar­ket
  • Debunk­ing some of the most stub­born myths sur­round­ing e-mobil­i­ty
  • Explo­ration of the cur­rent day in the life of an EV and how this will change in the future
  • All you need to know about the smart meter roll­out in Ger­many

We hope you enjoy read­ing it as much as we enjoyed putting it togeth­er.

The future of mobil­i­ty is elec­tric.

Matthias Her­tel, MD, Kiwigrid

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