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Kiwigrid’s intel­li­gent charg­ing solu­tion for EVs pro­tects the cli­mate and saves elec­tric­i­ty costs

Dres­den, 2nd June 2021: Kiwigrid’s white label solu­tion home­charge enables solar-opti­mized elec­tric vehi­cle (EV) charg­ing with self-pro­duced green ener­gy. EV own­ers can opti­mize their self-con­sump­tion and save between EUR 230–5001 per year in elec­tric­i­ty costs.

While e‑mobility is boom­ing, EV own­ers still face sev­er­al chal­lenges, such as charg­ing their EVs inex­pen­sive­ly, eas­i­ly and reli­ably. Ide­al­ly, home­own­ers with a PV sys­tem should charge their vehi­cle intel­li­gent­ly when­ev­er there is a PV sur­plus. How­ev­er, this has been dif­fi­cult to imple­ment due to a lack of an inte­grat­ed solu­tion for solar-opti­mized charging.

Using Kiwigrid’s home­charge prod­uct, end cus­tomers can charge their EV intel­li­gent­ly at any time, opti­miz­ing the use of sur­plus solar pow­er and max­i­miz­ing self-con­sump­tion. Due to the reduced resid­ual elec­tric­i­ty con­sump­tion, a house­hold with an aver­age PV sys­tem and EV can save around EUR 230 per year and reduce their car­bon foot­print by almost one ton. Larg­er sys­tems enable sav­ings of up to EUR 500.

Cost sav­ings, how­ev­er, are not the only impor­tant fac­tor for EV own­ers. They need an uncom­pli­cat­ed charg­ing solu­tion that eas­i­ly inte­grates into every­day life. Kiwigrid’s home­charge app makes it easy to view and man­age the charg­ing process and wall­box sta­tus in real-time, any time of the day. End cus­tomers can indi­vid­u­al­ly pre­set their depar­ture time and need­ed capac­i­ty, which auto­mat­i­cal­ly selects one of sev­er­al charg­ing modes for opti­mal, sus­tain­able and reli­able charging.

home­charge is part of Kiwigrid’s white-label home ener­gy man­age­ment sys­tem that allows the man­age­ment of ener­gy devices from var­i­ous man­u­fac­tur­ers. It is already being used by thou­sands of end cus­tomers across Europe as part of sus­tain­able ener­gy prod­ucts by Solar­watt, envi­aM, Bay­Wa r.e., the Thü­ga Group and LEW. Wall­box­es from var­i­ous man­u­fac­tur­ers are com­pat­i­ble with the solu­tion, includ­ing Men­nekes, Webas­to, ABL and Keba.

Kiwigrid is also cur­rent­ly explor­ing the pos­si­bil­i­ties of EV charg­ing that con­tributes to grid sta­bil­i­ty. This allows net­work providers to offer their end cus­tomers finan­cial incen­tives for charg­ing their cars at times of high feed-in of renew­able ener­gy and reliev­ing the grid at times of high production.

Frank Schlicht­ing, CEO of Kiwigrid, comments:

In the decen­tral­ized ener­gy world, end cus­tomers should be able to coor­di­nate and opti­mize their ener­gy con­sump­tion sim­ply, eas­i­ly and inde­pen­dent­ly of man­u­fac­tur­ers. This also applies to the intel­li­gent charg­ing of their EV. Our home­charge solu­tion makes the com­bi­na­tion of self-pro­duced solar pow­er and e‑mobility even more attrac­tive, sup­port­ing every­one in mak­ing an active and prof­itable con­tri­bu­tion to the ener­gy and trans­port transitions.

1With a 7 kWp PV sys­tem (aver­age sys­tem size in Ger­many) and an annu­al mileage of 10k km with a VW ID.3 with 25 kWh, cost sav­ings of about EUR 230 are pos­si­ble. House­holds with a large PV sys­tem and EV with 100 kWh can save up to EUR 500.


About Kiwigrid

Kiwigrid is the soft­ware and IoT com­pa­ny for renew­able ener­gy. The KiwiOS plat­form is used to oper­ate white label prod­ucts for ener­gy sup­pli­ers, the auto­mo­tive indus­try and man­u­fac­tur­ers of decen­tral­ized ener­gy sys­tems. Kiwigrid enables its cus­tomers to open up new mar­kets, diver­si­fy their offer­ings and dif­fer­en­ti­ate them­selves from the com­pe­ti­tion. The Dres­den-based com­pa­ny was found­ed in 2011 and cur­rent­ly employs over 150 peo­ple. Kiwigrid is a leader for intel­li­gent ener­gy man­age­ment and works with E.ON, Bay­Wa r.e., LG Elec­tron­ics among others.

About The Inde­pen­dent Home

home­charge is a white-label prod­uct run­ning on the pow­er­ful, high­ly secure ener­gy ser­vice plat­form KiwiOS. The prod­uct is part of The Inde­pen­dent Home white-label prod­uct fam­i­ly, which includes home ener­gy man­age­ment, EV smart charg­ing, and year-round sup­ply of clean, self-pro­duced ener­gy for pri­vate homes, as well as the abil­i­ty to remote­ly per­form ven­dor-inde­pen­dent equip­ment maintenance.

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