Energy-Manager Rail

The challenge: each technical system for the generation, measurement, distribution, storage, and consumption of electric and thermal energy “speaks” its own language and embodies different manufacturer-specific operating concepts.

Our Energy-Manager speaks these languages and easily communicates with your units. The Kiwigrid Energy-Manager is an industrial computer with a customizable enclosure, multiple connectivity options, and powerful processing and memory units.

The Energy-Manager manages all energy flows and offers many interfaces to connect technical systems.
We offer two different versions to make sure that you can choose the perfect device best suited to your needs.

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  • Your Benefits: Plug and play!

    We guarantee an easy installation routine with automatic synchronization with the portal accounts of the electrician and the end customer.

    Driver management: Our standardized data model for heterogeneous device interfaces and protocols enables communication with a variety of devices and functional data automation.

    Hardware extensions: We offer additional hardware modules for further device interfaces.

    Remote Management: We offer support and update management for the entire device software in the field.

    The Energy-Manager is certified for the European market.
  • 2 x RS485
    1 x RS232
    2 x USB
    1 x 24 V
    2 x S0
    1 x RJ45 (Ethernet, Lan)
    1 x Extension Bus
  • Datasheet EMR_Basic