Let‘s connect millions of energy people.

Once Upon a Time ...

Once there was a strict separation between power plants and consumers. Now the boundaries are blurring: private and industrial enery consumers are becoming producers as well. People are becoming energy people and use intelligent, adaptive solutions to optimize their energy systems. Millions of connected energy people will shape a distributed energy market. In such a market, energy from sustainable resources needs to be available exactly at the time and the place where it is needed.

What We Believe in: Our Mission

Kiwigrid believes in a world of energy people – where energy is intelligent and distributed. Therefore, we run the most intelligent Energy IoT Platform connecting millions of energy people to give them clear control over their energy.

What We Do: Building Europe’s Leading
Energy IoT Platform

At the forefront of the energy market since 2011, Kiwigrid develops and operates Europe’s leading Energy IoT Platform. Our portfolio features intelligent, adaptive solutions for connecting homes, businesses and utilities, allowing users to optimize their energy systems so that energy from sustainable resources is available exactly at the time and the place where it is needed.

'It's not about Ideas. It's about Making Ideas Happen.'

Together with more than 50 platform partners such as Sharp, Solarwatt, and enviaM, Kiwigrid manages the largest energy community in Europe.

Welcome to Holistic Energy Management

The Kiwigrid Energy IoT Platform is a powerful and continually improving software platform designed to connect distributed power generators (e.g. CHP, wind, PV) with energy-consuming devices (e.g. air conditioning, heat pump), storage systems (electric, thermal), electric vehicle charging stations, and energy trading markets.

Moving Heaven and Earth for You

Therefore, the Platform assists in measuring, controlling and automating the operations of combined systems and thus helps to maximize self-consumption, energy efficiency, and cost savings. From our cooperation with our platform partners, we have detailed knowledge about the energy market requirements. The Kiwigrid Platform provides utilities, installers, operators, and equipment manufacturers with the sensors and actuators they need on the field level.

Westward Ho!

Customers count on the Kiwigrid Energy IoT Platform to control the operation of decentralized and renewable energy plants, to schedule power generation resources, to trade and save energy flexibilities, and to align energy supply with current demand. Combining supply- and demand side management on one platform, Kiwigrid is your partner for holistic energy trading.

It’s not the Bird

But the fruit: our name “Kiwigrid” refers to the kiwifruit as our model of the smart grid. Similar to the way how the kiwi seeds are centered around the heart of the fruit, a vast number of devices can be connected to our communication system, the Kiwigrid Platform. The green color of the fruit symbolizes the healthy, sustainable energy arising from our effective and safe energy management.