Energy-Service Gateway

Kiwigrid's Energy Service Gateway is a standardized communication gateway for heterogeneous device interfaces and protocols. The Energy Service Gateway (ESG) was developed within the KiwiGate project and is the core infrastructure for the delivery of value-added services in the Smart Grid.

Both hard- and software of the ESG comply with the specifications of the BSI-TR 03109 protection profile and meet all safety requirements of our customers and partners.
The integrated update management for already installed field devices guarantees the timeliness of software and data.


  • What makes our ESG so special?

    • Kiwigrid’s ESG is real-time capable. Unlike other products on the market, the ESG delivers data just within a few seconds (under one minute). You are able to react in real time.
    • Our ESG helps you to develop valued-added services for your customers. Our platform enables the development of custom applications for future value-added services.
    • The ESG is a turnkey Smart Grid Device and complies with the requirements of the BSI-TR 03109.
    • We offer our ESG as a white-labeling product. Become our OEM partner, customize the ESG to match your corporate design and market it directly to your customers.
    • Through its integrated interfaces (LMN interface: RS485, CLS, HAN interfaces) the ESG can communicate with the Energy-Manager directly. Thus, you can not only monitor energy flows, but you can also control, automate and distribute them.
    • We offer you the ESG-as-a-Service. All updates, hosting and management are done by us. We are your service provider who answers your questions and solves your problems.
    • The ESG will be available soon! Pilot projects are scheduled to start in spring 2018.

    Management Systems Remote Management:

    • Remote management: diagnosis and configuration of field devices
    • Tariff management: setup of various tariffs and validation of the data
    • Smart metering: receive, process (aggregate) and forward measurement data
    • Protection management: firewall, permanent access and virus protection on the device
    • CLS management: measurement, monitoring, and automation of CLS devices in real time
    • The Kiwigrid Energy Service Gateway offers an opportunity to market new products that will increase your customers’ ease and comfort while keeping your budget under control.
  • 2 x WAN-A (Fakra type D)
    LMN-A (Fakra type C)
    LMN-1 (RS 485)
    HAN (Ethernet, RJ45)
    CLS (RJ11)
    GSM/GPRS/UMTS module (requires SIM card)
    Power connection (three-pin plug) PLC
    Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height):
    71.6 x 62 x 70 mm (2.82 x 2.44 x 2.76 in)
    ABS plastic
  • Datasheet Energy Service Gateway Ethernet
    Datasheet Energy Service Gateway LTE
    Datasheet Energy Service Gateway PLC