Home Energy Management System

The Kiwigrid Home Energy Management System is a suite of white-label products for managing energy at home. The system has a modular architecture and can always be extended by additional modules and applications.

The interface is a simple and intuitive visualization of data and diagrams. Everything is packed up in a fast, responsive design.

  Core Features
Benefits for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Energy Monitoring

 hems icon 1 Understand production and consumption, control and improve self-consumption and autarky:
  • Power consumption per month/year
  • History and load profiles
  • Current production and consumption
  • Forecast production and consumption
  • Autarky monitor
  • System monitoring

Simulation of photovoltaic system as an incentive for the customer

Offer of customized products, Software, and apps directly to the end customer

Direct communication channel to the end cconsumer

Energy Optimizer

 hems icon 2 Optimize self-consumption according to user priorities:
  • Raise self-consumption
  • Full functionality available also offline

Individual recommendations for energy optimization for the end user

Reduce unregulated infeed of interruptible costumer

Increase the equipment‘s return on investment

Heat pump integration

 hems icon 1 Increase self-consumtion by adding a heat pump to the system:
  • Monitoring and control of hot water and heat pumps
  • Self-consumption by combining photovoltaic system and heat pump

Simple inclusion of energy management for heating systems in the same customer portal

Option to sell heat directly to costumer

Increase the equipment‘s return of investment

Energy Storage

 hems icon 4

Simply reduce your energy bill with the help of self-generated power at night and react to changes throughout the day with an intelligent control of your devices.

  • Monitoring of charge cycles and state of charge
  • Optimized to the general budget charge/discharge controller
  • Forecast-based charge management

Simulation of battery storage as an incentive

Offer of customized products, software, and apps directly to the end customer

Direct communication channel to the end customer


 hems icon 5

Re-charge your electric car with self-generated electricity, reducing mobility cost

  • Integration of electric cars
  • Inexpensive and environmentally friendly car charging
  • Time- and range-controlled, cost-optimized charging

Reduce unregulated infeed of interruptible customer

Option for the sale of electric cars/charging stations directly to end consumer

Increase the equipment‘s return on investment

Maintenance & Support

 hems icon 6

Manage customer and equipment, save costs – improve customer service

  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote maintenance
  • Modify customer configurations
  • Filter by customers and equipment

Cross-vendor maintenance services

Reduction of (re-)installation costs