Industrial Energy Management System

Kiwigrid’s IEMS is a complete system for industrial, vendor-independent energy management. All systems are real-time capable, work across sites and have offline optimization.

You will get a complete system for industrial energy management Vendor independent - Made in Germany - powered by Kiwigrid


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Capture Metering Data - An Infrastructure for All Applications

  • Monitoring and synchronization of metering data in real time
  • Processing of metering data of a heterogeneous device landscape
  • Integration of building and process control systems
  • Management of metering and structural data
  • System can be extended by adding additional modules


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System Modeling – Tailored Management of Your Energy Infrastructure

  • Custom roles and rights concept
  • Hierarchical analysis of complex systems
  • Custom categorization allows classification by location, process, technology paths, and device types
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Monitoring and Analysis - Your Energy Data at a Glance

  • Dashboard for quick overview
  • Detailed load profile analysis
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Correlation analysis
  • Locally and across locations
  • Data export
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Peak Shifting – Load Profile Optimization

  • Optimize individual devices or complete hierarchies
  • Optimize individual devices and complete hierarchies
  • Optimized in accordance with German energy laws (StromNEV), including annual period of use and peak demand time