Intelligent Metering System

The shift from analogue to smart metering requires strategic decisions and careful planning. Here at Kiwigrid, we can assist you in planning the energy revolution. The plan requires a system to measure energy flows in real time and to control both producers and consumers. Kiwigrid provides the Kiwigrid Platform, the Kiwigrid Energy Service Gateway and the Kiwigrid Control Box. With this bundle, we provide the infrastructure necessary for the regulated and unregulated sectors.

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User Highlights

  • Transparency and control
  • Hardware-based security solution
  • Be the first to check your energy bill, even before your utility
  • Don’t waste your time waiting to have your meter checked – this is done remotely
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Technical Specifications

  • LMN connection
  • HAN/WAN connection
  • Powerline
  • SIM card slot for GSM/UMTS connection
  • Ethernet