What does „decentralized energy supply“ mean?

Energy, electricity, and heat can be generated both centrally and locally: nuclear power stations, coal-burning power stations or hydro stations distribute power via power lines to consumers. But roles are changing within the energy market because of the Energiewende and the shift from using fossil fuels towards renewable energy usage. More and more people are generating power by using their own PV system and thus become power producers, too. So large power plants are loosing their traditional role as central energy suppliers. The power supply has decentralized.

Why is the Energiewende so important and yet so complicated?

Man-made human climate change by the increased production of CO2 is changing our planet seriously: Our planet is heating up. In addition, fossil fuels are finite. Still, there is coal and oil, but the extraction is becoming increasingly expensive, unsafe and environmentally harmful. Both climate change and resource scarcity make a change in energy policy inevitable. A rethink as well as moving away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy and energy efficiency is required. 2014, Germany already produced approximately 25 % of its electrical energy from renewable ressources. The beginning of a sustainable and CO2-neutral energy has already been done. Bigger changes are needed for 100 % clean energy as well as a constant supply of green electricity, as renewable energies are weather dependent: their return fluctuates and power is not always available when it is needed. In addition, the energy market is restructuring and the power production happens increasingly decentralized. Network capacity is missing so that power has to be bought in addition, although enough power is produced. The worst case: a blackout happens and nothing works.

Where can I buy the Kiwigrid systems and products?

Kiwigrid is selling only business-2-business: Our partners sell their solutions based on the Kiwigrid technology directly to its customers. Thus, distribution for home users only occurs directly via our partners. Potential partners and companies who want to sell their products with our technology, contact the Kiwigrid Sales via sales@kiwigrid.com.

Who is using the Kiwigrid technology?

OEM, Electronics, Utilities, Automotive, Real Estate, and Installers.

What does “white labeling‟ mean?

Systems and products developed by Kiwigrid are delivered without branding. Partners can use and sell our systems and products in their own design.