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Digitalization, decentralization and decarbonization are reshaping the energy world. The traditional energy sectors of electricity and grid converge with solar, heat, mobility, electronics, telecommunications and IT to form a new market. New generations of customers, new generations of processes, new generations of technologies are emerging. All this calls for a new generation of products and business models.

This is exactly where Kiwigrid comes in. We bring with us the experience from well over 70 successful projects and products with companies from a wide variety of industries, among others E.ON, innogy, enviaM, BMW, Nissan, Deutsche Telekom, SOLARWATT, LG and SHARP.

What’s in Store for the Future?

Why You Must Act Now

E-Mobility is Exploding

The stock of electric vehicles in Western Europe is (according to PwC Autofacts and our own research) projected to explode to 6.6 million by 2023, while 85% of passenger car sales can still be exploited from 2024 on. In 2017, passenger vehicle sales in fleets have reached an all-time high for the third consecutive year. This trend will continue in the future with nearly 25% of all vehicle sales in fleets being equipped with alternative drives.

Business Models are Shifting

Driven by digital technologies customers increasingly demand for integrated solutions preferring a customer experience in which complexity remains behind the scenes. This means that numerous business models will have to shift from hardware sales to energy and mobility as a service.

Solar and Storage are on the Rise

Residential rooftop solar will rise to 6 million installations in Western Europe by 2023. This still leaves plenty of potential for the time beyond 2023 as 6 million accounts for less than 7% of all single and double-family homes. Residential energy storage is projected to reach 700,000 installations in Europe* by 2023. This also leaves an enormous market potential for the years after 2023 as this accounts for only 11% of all projected residential rooftop solar installations.

Politicians are Acting

The European Union and its member states are taking serious measures to support the change with a normative framework enabling all consumers to benefit from solar self-consumption, energy storage, e-mobility, demand response, energy communities and peer-to-models. No national law or regulation may overburden these business models.


360 Degree Services

Our Offering
Workshops & Services for Product Design

KiwiHub design

In joint workshops, we support you in creating the product vision, developing cross-industry business models, defining the requirements for the product development and creating a roadmap for the market launch.

Product Development Services

KiwiHub develop

We are more than happy to completely take over the technical product development for your company. Our services range from agile software development, the involvement of your IT partners as well as quality assurance.

Market Launch Services

KiwiHub launch

We help your employees and partners to get familiar with the product faster and provide professional technical support with the very first installation.

Services for Marketing & Sales

KiwiHub sell

Our tools and services can help you digitise your sales and processing processes or even outsource some or all of them.

Services for Smooth Operations

KiwiHub operate

Our tools and services can help you digitise your sales and processing processes or even outsource some or all of them.

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No "consultant" pressure thanks to co-innovation approach

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