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At Kiwigrid, we believe that the transition to a sustainable energy world can be mastered most successfully in a cross-industry ecosystem that puts the end customer at the heart of value creation. This ecosystem offers the potential to completely change the way the energy system works by putting the power back into the hands of end users. For this ecosystem, KiwiOS serves as the technical backbone.

At its core, KiwiOS helps companies to unlock the power of distributed energy resources and enables them to scale cross-industry business models. KiwiOS provides the necessary tools to collect and analyze data from sensors in the field and provide automatic control of distributed energy resources.

KiwiOS is designed for high availability, security, information integrity and maximum scalability. Especially its capability to connect, integrate or even embed itself in any suitable third-party system sets it apart from competing solutions.

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Components & Features
IoT Cloud for Distributed Energy and E-Mobility


The energycloud is the heart of KiwiOS and your number one choice of IoT applications for energy and e-mobility. It processes data of distributed energy resourcs such as PV inverters, energy storage systems and EV chargers. At its core, the energycloud consists of many micro-services for big data, data analytics and energy optimization. These services are designed for high availability, security and maximum scalability.

Connectivity and Control of Distributed Energy Resources


Its performance, robustness and versatility make the KiwiOS energymanager your first choice and therefore the core component of almost all Kiwigrid products.

Whether PV self-consumption optimization or load management for charging electric vehicles, the device paves the way for almost all applications of a distributed energy world.

The gateway unfolds its full power thanks to the numerous interfaces and drivers for distributed energy devices on the one hand and the perfectly synchronized interaction with the KiwiOS energycloud on the other.

With this device, PV inverters, electricity storage units, heat pumps, heating rods, air conditioning systems, electricity meters and devices from the smart home and building automation sector can not only be connected, but also controlled.

Last but not least, installers and service personnel enjoy an easy installation routine including automatic device detection and numerous monitoring and analysis functions.

The World’s First Standardized Smart Grid Gateway


The Smart Meter Gateway is the key to digitizing the energy system in Germany. It serves as an interface between meters and distributed energy resources on the one hand and all energy market participants who want to access these devices on the other.

The functionality of a conventional SMGW is limited to the storage, processing and transmission of meter data to authorized market participants. These are the minimum legal requirements. The added value for end customers is close to zero.

Our vision for smart meter gateways goes way beyond of what is required by law. We do not settle for the minimum. We go for the maximum. We envision the smart meter gateway to be the world's first standardized smart grid gateway to enable the future energy system, without compromising on customer value and at the same time ensuring highest grid security.

Learn more about the product on the website of our KiwiOS smgw partner devolo.

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Product Benefits

Trust in security and don’t compromise on quality

Our platform is engineered to meet the highest security levels (e.g. CC EAL4+ security level), allowing our hardware and software components to connect even the most sensitive parts of the grid. In addition, you work with a company that has successfully implemented an integrated management system for which it has also received ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification.

Avoid silos and reduce dependency on hardware manufacturers

Given the enormous number of device manufacturers, communication protocols, and existing IT systems, creating value from connected devices and systems poses one of the greatest challenges in a distributed energy world. The outstanding connectivity capabilities of the KiwiOS platform allows you to easily master this challenge.

Achieve a rapid time-to-market

Your product is built to a large extent from modular applications running on a plug and play cloud system. In addition, we ensure a high reusability of valuable software components. This accelerates your market launch significantly.

Quickly adapt to changing customer needs and market requirements

KiwiOS’ micro-service architecture is a well-proven design and is particularly ideal for evolutionary systems such as the ever-changing energy world. For example, you can easily deploy new applications during operations without compromising the integrity of an existing one.

Ensure unbundling conformity and implement reseller models

KiwiOS is multi-client capable. It is even possible to physically separate clients by setting up a separate cloud instance. The multi-client capability not only ensures 100% compliance with the unbundling requirements and data privacy policies, but also enables you to implement reseller models.

Focus on growing your business, stop worrying about technical limitations

One of the key requirements of any IoT platform is to process and store a large amount of data in near real-time. The KiwiOS platform is already capable of managing up to 15,000 data points per second and over a billion per day. This allows you to focus on growing your business instead of worrying about technical limitations.

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