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The transition to a sustainable energy world can only be mastered in an ecosystem that combines electricity, solar, mobility, heating, the grid and telecommunications, placing the end customer at the heart of value creation. KiwiOS forms the technical backbone of this ecosystem.

KiwiOS helps companies to unlock the power of distributed energy resources and enables them to scale cross-industry business models.

KiwiOS - The products

IoT cloud with specialization in decentralized energy and e-mobility is able to process large amounts of data from distributed energy resources such as photovoltaic systems, energy storage and charge points in almost real time, securely and scalable. At its core, the consists of many services for big data, energy-specific time series, tenant and user management and comprehensive energy optimization.

Connectivity and Control of Distributed Energy Resources

Energy Manager Rail

Its performance, robustness and versatility make the KiwiOS energymanager your first choice and therefore the core component of almost all Kiwigrid products.

Whether PV self-consumption optimization or load management for charging electric vehicles, the device paves the way for almost all applications of a distributed energy world.

The gateway unfolds its full power thanks to the numerous interfaces and drivers for distributed energy devices on the one hand and the perfectly synchronized interaction with the KiwiOS energycloud on the other.

With this device, PV inverters, electricity storage units, heat pumps, heating rods, air conditioning systems, electricity meters and devices from the smart home and building automation sector can not only be connected, but also controlled.

Last but not least, installers and service personnel enjoy an easy installation routine including automatic device detection and numerous monitoring and analysis functions.

The World’s First Standardized Smart Grid Gateway

Open Service Gateway

The Smart Meter Gateway is the key to digitizing the energy system in Germany. It serves as an interface between meters and distributed energy resources on the one hand and all energy market participants who want to access these devices on the other.

The functionality of a conventional SMGW is limited to the storage, processing and transmission of meter data to authorized market participants. These are the minimum legal requirements. The added value for end customers is close to zero.

Our vision for smart meter gateways goes way beyond of what is required by law. We do not settle for the minimum. We go for the maximum. We envision the Open Service Gateway to be the world's first standardized smart grid gateway to enable the future energy system, without compromising on customer value and at the same time ensuring highest grid security.

Learn more about the product on the website of our KiwiOS Open Service Gateway partner devolo.

Electrify your Energy business

Product Benefits

Create business models based on sector coupling

KiwiOS supports a wide range of protocols to connect a large number of energy devices from different manufacturers in the low-voltage segment.

Rely on high resilience

KiwiOS has been developed, operated and continuously expanded for almost 10 years. Kiwigrid has built up a wealth of experience in the operation of decentralised energy systems that guarantees the reliability of the platform.

Focus on your core business

You can focus on your core business while Kiwigrid takes care of complex processes such as the IoT platform operation. The platform provides a high level of stability and is scalable to millions of users and devices and billions of data points.

Stay in control

Thanks to the integration capability of the KiwiOS platform, you retain complete operational control while Kiwigrid ensures high availability and stability of the platform.

Strengthen your customer retention

With KiwiOS, you are able to differentiate yourself from the competition by expanding your portfolio with energy services in your own corporate design. Being unique is inevitable to strengthen customer retention.

Trust in data and IT security

KiwiOS focuses on data and IT security. You can rely on a platform that meets the high requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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