Urban Energy Solutions

The Electrifying City is a set of applications that enable the sustainable use of energy and e-mobility in multi-family homes and neighborhoods. It is the door opener for housing companies, building owners and energy service providers to the city of the future. The solution provides tools to make metering truly smart, create self-consumption communities, provide electromobility services in neighborhoods and build smart microgrids.

Envisioning The 100% Electrified City

Packages & Features
Smart Metering for Apartment Buildings


Enable real estates and energy service providers to fully digitize and integrate data collection from gas, water and heat meters as well as smoke detectors.

Remote Meter Reading

Connectivity to collect billable meter data from electricity meters, gas meters, water meters, heat meters and heat cost allocators

Time Series Service

Time series service for the conversion of raw meter data into billable and visualizable data


Visualization of current and historical energy consumption and costs for tenants

System Interface

Interfaces to external systems (e.g. MDM, CIS/billing systems, existing end customer apps)

Smart EV Charging for Neighborhoods and Parking Garages


Allow EV drivers to charge their electric vehicles conveniently in the area around apartment buildings and multi-storey car parks.

Load Management

Intelligent load management for charging multiple EVs

Solar Charging

Solar surplus-based charging to increase PV self-consumption

Access Control

Charge point access control management to distinct between companies, employees and visitors


Open connectivity to EV charging stations including OCPP and EEBUS

Energy Optimization for Apartment Buildings and Districts


Enable housing companies and property owners to reduce energy costs by energy management at a building and district level.

Energy Management

PV self-consumption optimization through intelligent utilization of energy storage capacity and control of large loads

Global Optimization

Optimization not only on single building level but also on site level


Forecasts of PV production, energy consumption and electricity prices for better optimization results

Asset & User Management

Management and monitoring of users and assets


Open connectivity to smart meters, PV inverters, energy storage systems, EV charging infrastructure and HVAC assets

Unmatched Values for Businesses

Product Benefits

Less operational costs

Intelligent monitoring and optimization of an energy system and the complete digitization of remote meter reading can reduce operational costs for properties significantly.

Higher resident and customer satisfaction

The availability of charging facilities for electric vehicles creates win-win situations between property owners and residents and between parking operators and visitors.

Integration of e-mobility with energy management

Most solutions available on the market offer either charging management or energy management. With Kiwigrid you unite both worlds.

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