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The Independent Home is a white-label solution that offers energy management, smart charging of electric vehicles, and year-round supply of clean, self-generated energy for private homes. Additional devices for PV, storage, heat, and e-mobility can be integrated independent of the manufacturer. Dedicated product modules for installers and service staff ensure quick installation of PV systems as well as their monitoring, remote maintenance and troubleshooting.


Cross-Sector and OEM-Independent Energy Management


hems is a white-label energy management system that helps end customers to analyze and optimize their PV self-consumption. It integrates seamlessly into existing solar offerings and provides possibilities to generate additional business for wallboxes or energy storage devices.

Energy Management

Optimization of PV self-consumption by intelligent use of energy devices helps increase self-consumption and lower electricity bills

Cross- and Upselling

Opportunity for additional business through in-app tariff calculator and electricity contract conclusion


High connectivity to PV inverters, energy storage devices, heat pumps, and meters of leading manufacturers


Real-time visualization of all energy flows including power consumption, PV production, energy storage charge and discharge as well as grid feed-in


Detailed analysis of self-sufficiency and self-consumption rates as well as insights into financial key figures, historical consumption data, and feed-in values

Smart EV Charging


homecharge is a software product for the smart charging of electric vehicles at home. Users gain information about the wallbox status and charging process and can set charging modes and departure times.

PV-Optimized Charging

Solar-optimized charging of electric cars to increase PV self-consumption

Charge Modes

Individual choice between charging modes via mobile app


Connectivity to wallboxes of leading manufacturers

Status and Analytics

Real-time monitoring of energy flows and charging processes as well as displaying of device status

Smart Electricity Tariff


sununity is a fair and innovative green power product consisting of 100% renewable energy. With sununity, end customers can stop worrying about electricity prices. It offers users not only an overview of the available electricity quota in both the web and the mobile app, but also includes numerous functions for tariff configuration and for managing and concluding contracts.

Energy Supply

White-label electricity supply including ready-to-sell end customer contracts

In-App Contracting

Individual calculation of green electricity tariffs and in-app contract conclusion


User-centered visualization of the sununity status

Higher Service Quality and More Efficient Processes for Installers


installer helps service staff to install energy devices, maintain them remotely, and intervene quickly in the event of malfunctions. It provides in-depth information on the status and performance of all integrated energy devices – from PV systems, to energy storage devices, to wallboxes and heat pumps.

System Setup

Faster installation thanks to automatic device detection and connection as well as guided step-by-step device installation including helpful information and instructions

System Monitoring

Professional asset management, live monitoring, and early detection of errors

Analysis and Troubleshooting

Reduction of on-site visits through remote maintenance, easy troubleshooting by logging into end-user applications, and CSV export of all historical device data help to improve service quality

User and Device Management

Management of users (installers, end customers) and installations (PV inverters, energy storage devices, wallboxes, etc.)

Unmatched Values for Your Business

Product Benefits

Create lasting customer loyalty

Web and mobile apps not only increase your visibility with your customers, they also create a direct, digital sales channel to them.

Focus on your core business

While you focus on selling digital energy services, we take care of complex processes such as IoT platform operation, hardware logistics, software development and installation with our strong partner network.

Generate more revenue per user

The KiwiOS platform provides connectivity to a variety of energy devices from different manufacturers. Thanks to our know-how, built over many years, we can also efficiently connect additional devices from new manufacturers. Kiwigrid is not in competition with OEMs, but acts as a neutral provider.

Inspire with your brand

Recharge your brand with an innovative digital energy product or use the white label capability to open up additional sales channels if you’re a reseller.

Minimize your business risk

Avoid costly and risky investments in personnel or IT. Instead, start operations quickly with turnkey products.

Configure the product to suit your requirements exactly

Start operations quickly with turnkey products and gradually expand the solution to include e-mobility, heating or electricity flat rates.

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