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100% Self-Sufficiency, Smart Charging and Digital Upselling

The Independent Home helps homeowners to supply themselves with clean energy throughout the year and to experience the future of mobility. Intelligent apps help them select the most appropriate PV and energy storage size and make informed decisions about purchasing an electric vehicle. By integrating energy supply services, the homeowner's independencies can be maximized to 100%. All components are provided white label, enabling them to fully integrate into existing offerings.

Envisioning The 100% Independent Home

Packages & Features
Energy Optimization for Homeowners


Help homeowners to reduce their energy bill through self-consumption optimization and system monitoring.

Energy Management

PV self-consumption optimization through intelligent usage of energy storage systems as well as control of small and large loads


Forecasts of PV production, energy consumption and electricity prices for better optimization results


Device prioritization and individual profiles for energy optimization taking into account personal user needs


Open connectivity to smart meters, PV inverters and energy storage systems


Real-time visualization of all energy flows including power consumption, PV production, energy storage charge and discharge as well as grid feed-in


Detailed insights on self-sufficiency, financial KPIs as well as history of the PV production, energy storage and energy consumption


Available as mobile app and web app in your or your customer’s corporate design

Digital Upselling of Homeowners


Create upselling opportunities for your business from energy data analytics.

Guzzler Detection

Detection of power guzzlers to tap saving potentials

Storage Simulation

Simulation of a energy storage system based on real consumption and PV production data

EV Simulation

Cost and energy comparison of an electric vehicle based on individual user needs

Lead Generation

Inquiry forms and CRM integration for digital lead generation

Smart Home

Integration of smart home systems and voice control (e.g. Amazon, IFTTT, innogy, devolo, Fibaro)


Available as mobile and web app in your or your customer’s corporate design

Smart EV Charging at Home


Allow your customers to charge their electric car in the most cost-efficient time frames and with the most efficient energy sources.

Solar Charging

Solar surplus-based charging to increase PV self-consumption

Fast Charging

Fast charging from all available energy resources to ensure a fully charged vehicle at a desired short term departure time.


Support of vehicle-to-home charging to further increase self-sufficiency

Charge Modes

Individual choice between charging modes via mobile app


Open connectivity to EV home chargers


Visualization of charging events in real time as well as historical charging events for analysis purposes


Available as mobile and web app in your or your customer’s corporate design

100% Self-Sufficiency for Homeowners


Become an energy supplier without having to obtain a license and help your customers to no longer worry about electricity prices.

Energy Supply

White-label energy supply including ready-to-sell end customer contracts

In-App Contracting

Stimulating features such as storage and EV simulation and in-app deals for a energy flat rate


User-centric visualization of suncloud status and sununity forecast

For utilities

Utilities can still use the software features and business logic of sununity which are included in the product hems.

Asset Management for Installers & Service Staff


Help installers and service employees to smoothly install and remotely monitor and trouble-shoot the system.

System Configuration

Assisted system configuration with mostly automatic device detection

System Analysis

Analysis and remote monitoring of the system including search, filter and sort functions, data export

User & Device Management

Management of users (installers, end customers) and assets (PV inverters, energy storage, home chargers etc.)


App login with the consent of the end customer to understand and analyze app-specific problems

CRM Integration

CRM integration to streamline sales and logistics processes

Unmatched Values for Your Business

Product Benefits

Sell an integrated solution

Seamless user experience thanks to the integration of e-mobility and home energy management

Stay flexible and independent from hardware manufacturers

The manufacturer-independent support of leading device models enables you to create individual device setups to best meet the needs of your end customers.

Generate more revenue per user

Upselling opportunities through data analytics and lead generation apps

Make work easier for your employees and professional partners

Apps and services along the entire value chain in the field - from smooth installation to reliable operation and fast troubleshooting

Stay ahead of competition

Product differentiation through individual branding, open connectivity and value-added services such as residual energy supply optimization

Trusted across sectors around the globe

Stay up to date

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