Increase Energy Efficiency and Electrify Vehicle Fleets

The Optimized Business provides enterprises with tools for optimizing their energy efficiency and integrating electric vehicles into fleets. The solution delivers insights on energy, process and production data easily, cost-effectively and flexibly. It reduces process costs by automating statutory reporting. Additionally, the product enables the electrification of commercial vehicle fleets through an intelligent charging management. That way companies can save on energy and process costs, increase customer satisfaction and boost profits.

Envisioning The 100% Optimized Business

Packages & Features
Energy & Process Monitoring for Businesses


Help companies derive decisions from real-time data on energy, environment, building and production.

Data Collection

Connectivity to power meters and facility assets through industrial sensors, for example deployed on machines or in the sub-distribution

Real-Time Visualization

Powerful real-time visualization of energy, environmental, building and production data with five-second resolution

Custom Modelling

Custom modelling of sites and sensors to reflect the physical infrastructure being measured

KPIs & Reports

Individual configuration of KPIs, dashboard and reports

Sensor Network Extension

Easy addition of new data sources including sensor calibration during operations

Data Import

Integration of external data through MSCONS imports or CSV uploads

Monitoring and Reporting of Distributed Energy Assets

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Enables operators of distributed energy assets (e.g. CHP, biogas, district heating networks) such as district heating suppliers, contractors or SMEs to automate their statutory reporting obligations, remotely collect meter readings and monitor their assets.

Data Import

Flexible data import through Wireless M-Bus SMGW, Sigfox, MSCONS, REST-API or CSV uploads

Remote Meter Reading

Remote meter reading of electricity, gas, heat and water meters

Report Generation

Automatic filling of reports and forms with business, asset and meter data

Report Submission

Partial online-based transmission of reports to authorities and network operators


Extensible to customer-specific forms and reports

Filing & Documentation

Archiving and documentation of the generated reports for audit security and controlling purposes


Visualization of system KPIs, generation and consumption

Smart EV Charging for Businesses


Help companies electrify their fleets or enable visitors and employees to charge their electric vehicles comfortably.

Load Management

Intelligent load management for charging multiple visitor EVs or a commercial fleet of electric vehicles

Solar Charging

Solar surplus-based charging to increase PV self-consumption

Access Control

Charge point access control management to distinct between multiple companies, employees and visitors


Open connectivity to EV charging stations including OCPP and EEBUS

Unmatched Values for Businesses

Product Benefits

Less operational costs

Intelligent monitoring and optimization of an energy system, the complete automation of the energy reporting system and the electrification of a company fleet can reduce operational costs significantly.

Higher customer and employee satisfaction

The elimination of time-consuming reporting obligations and the availability of charging facilities for electric vehicles creates win-win situations between companies and customers and between companies and employees.

Integration of e-mobility with energy management

Most solutions available on the market offer either charging management or energy management. With Kiwigrid you unite both worlds.

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