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Unlock the Potential of Flexibilities for Distribution Grids

The Transactive Grid helps grid operators, aggregators and those responsible for balancing to utilize small-scale flexibilities for better balancing of supply and demand, sidestepping congestion and avoiding or deferring grid reinforcements. That way the solution creates a more efficient and cost-effective distribution system.

Envisioning The 100% Transactive Grid

Packages & Features
Monitoring & Flexibilization of Low-Voltage Grids


Enables to monitor and predict the condition of the low-voltage grid, to implement an incentive system for grid-compatible demand behavior and, if necessary, to control distributed energy assets.

Grid Monitor

Low-voltage grid monitoring for distribution grid operators

Load Flows

Capture of grid load flows at a local level as well upstream voltage levels through integration of substation data

Load Forecast

72h forecast of grid load for each service drop

Congestion Detection

Detection of potential grid congestions based on the 72h load forecast and smart grid traffic light thresholds

Flexibility Detection

Detection, monitoring and 24h forecast of flexible loads and storage capacities on the grid user side

Incentive System

Incentive system for grid-friendly behavior (e.g. in the form of dynamic grid fees)

Load Schedules

Calculation of load schedules according to grid fee renumeration

Load Control

Execution of load schedules of EV chargers, night storage heaters and energy storage systems

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Distributed Flexibility Data Register


The energy transition requires a fundamental transformation of the power supply system. This presents system operators and utilities with the challenge of ensuring a stable grid operation due to a wide range of volatile generation facilities. In order to achieve this in the future the biggest challenge is to make power generation and demand more flexible by using intelligent control and incentives. The aim of this research project is the development and commissioning of a distributed, open and non-discriminatory platform (“FlexHub”), which serves as a data hub and control unit for intelligent grids.

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Unmatched Values for Distribution Grids

Product Benefits

Avoid or defer grid expansion

Instead of always immediately expanding power cable dimensions or increasing the capacity of substations, it will also be important in the future to intelligently utilize flexibilities on the demand side.

Better utilize grid capacity

The capacity of the distribution grids is limited. However, peak loads only pose a problem in isolated cases. For the most part, the grids are not used to capacity. With Kiwigrid, grid capacities can be better utilized.

Avoid amber and red phases

In Germany, legislators and regulators are planning to introduce a smart grid traffic light. Although it will probably be some time before the regulatory framework is in place, we can help make the future a reality today.

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