Kiwigrid's Products for Optimizing Energy Systems



Energy-Manager Rail The Agent of Your System

Basic & Automation

The challenge: each technical system for the generation, measurement, distribution, storage, and consumption of electric and thermal energy “speaks” its own language and embodies different manufacturer-specific operating concepts.

Our Energy-Manager speaks all these languages and easily communicates with your units. The Kiwigrid Energy-Manager is an industrial computer with a configurable housing, multiple connectivity options, and powerful processing and memory units.

The Energy-Manager manages all energy flows and offers many interfaces to connect technical systems. We offer two different versions to make sure that you can choose the device best suited to your needs.


Energy Service Gateway Metering Gets You Started

Kiwigrid's Energy Service Gateways comply with all governmental rules and regulations and provide all necessary functionalities for smart meters. Moreover, the Gateway and the Kiwigrid Platform provide energy suppliers with a marketplace (coming up in 2016) for energy applications that enables a variety of value-added services, e.g. facility management.

Premium Apps

Installer Center

The Installer Center is a Kiwigrid Energy App which helps installers and service teams to obtain a complete overview of their customers and all their installed devices. Thus, installers and service technicians can manage, monitor, and maintain their customers’ data and the data of their energy plants via this app.

Installers can manager all of their customers and their customers' respective Energy-Managers or devices, whereas service technicians have channel-wide read-only access. Administrators can modify data points and export anonymized aggregated energy data. Remote sessions can be enabled by the user to solve service issues directly.



Hungry for More?

The energy sector faces great challenges. Kiwigrid combines soft- and hardware solutions with a strong expertise in energy management.

With our innovative ideas and knowledge of energy markets, we support you with a value-oriented approach to master the trends and challenges within the energy sector.

Please contact us for requesting our premium expertise services.