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Home Energy
Management System

Increase Efficiency and Raise Self-Consumption

Our Home Energy Management System provides monitoring capabilities for almost all energy devices from one source. The system enables automated control of energy-consumers such as heat-pumps and air conditioning to raise self-consumption and thereby increases autarky. It also identifies individual energy-consumers via disaggregation for more energy transparency.

What does it mean for you?

Energy transparency and monitoring. Your energy savings are now under your control and can be viewed whenever you want and from whatever device you prefer. Our automated energy management system comes pre-equipped with a fully autonomous learning system to increase your comfort. It will adjust to your needs and helps you to increase your energy efficiency by up to 20 % and can raise solar self-consumption from 30 to 80 %.

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Reduce Energy Cost by up to 45 %

Our business leading Industrial Energy Management System provides you with a holistic tool-set for energy transparency, efficiency, peak-shaving and load management. With this tool-set you can monitor your energy usage in real-time and get insight from your energy history. Advanced supervision of your energy systems can easily reduce your energy costs by up to 25 %. We provide the software and hardware necessary to gain the ISO 50001 certification and comply with the legal requirements attached.

Another integral part of the package is our Load-Management Application. Trough active load management and the integration of energy generation you can reduce your energy bill easily by 30 % or more. Beside the reduction of peak load charges, existing power assets can be utilized more efficiently.

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Industrial Energy
Management System
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Intelligent Metering

Value-Added Services for Regulated Infrastructure

Secure communication for regulated metering devices and remote control of distributed energy devices:

Kiwigrid‘s Intelligent Metering System provides secure communication for regulated metering devices. Our applications enable you to remotely monitor and control your distributed energy devices.

With a BSI-certified communication gateway we transmit metering and control data simply and securely over the air. We have also implemented an easy-to-use interface and provide compatibility with the Smart Meter Gateway administration systems of all vendors.

With this system, you can meet all regulatory requirements and provide all of your value-added services in one infrastructure. Security is the base of all our work. Therefore you can be sure that you alone will have full control over your distributed energy storage and generation systems. We will keep your historical energy data secure for you, while you can have a completely transparent based on real-time data of your consumption. We offer value-added services like disaggregation, sub-metering, and other data based energy services.

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Energy of the crowd

With our Virtual Power Plant solution, we provide connectivity to all of your distributed energy assets with the right tools for aggregation and controlling.

As a plant owner, you benefit directly by marketing and trading your energy production. Again we ensure you can meet your regulatory requirements (>100kWp from 2016) so you can benefit from the EEG (Renewable Energies Act) management allowance and raise your profit from distributed plants.

With the continued increase of electricity prices every year, the energy trading market is becoming even more attractive.

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Virtual Power Plant