Virtual Power Plant System

The energy system of the future must be flexible. Decentralized energy generation from renewable sources is becoming increasingly important and less and less energy is generated by large power plants. The Kiwigrid Platform aggregates decentralized energy generators such as photovoltaic and wind power plants as well as energy consumers to form virtual power plants.

It also supports energy trading through a broad range of applications.


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Energy Trading

Participate in the world of energy trading. OEM: Connect all small and distributed energy generators in your system/Stop uncontrolled infeed into the grid/Aggregation / Remote monitoring and control

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Remote Site Control

React immediately to changes affecting your energy generation sites. Wind and solar power require advanced control techniques for high performance and reliable operation. Our virtual power plant technology will deliver the control features that you need to deploy your renewable energy systems.

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Real-Time Data

Real-time monitoring is crucial to taking control of the three main drivers of energy costs: how you buy energy, how much energy you use and when you use it.

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Supply-Side Management

Our modern Software as a Service solution enables efficient supply-side management, integrating energy generated from both renewable and conventional sources.