Revolutionary industrial energy management system

"The Efficient Factory" provides industrial and commercial companies of all sizes as well as hotels and chain stores with tools to optimize their energy and process efficiency. Based on real-time data acquisition and transmission, the applications are designed to analyze energy flows and production processes. This provides companies with valuable insights for energy savings and process optimization. Our solutions delivers the software and hardware required for ISO 50001 certification and regulatory compliance.

Collect data from DERs, machines and building assets

Thanks to the ability of KiwiOS to understand and connect more than 1,000 different devices from a wide range of manufacturers, in combination with innogy's revolutionary sensor and metering concept, data acquisition from almost any asset is possible.

Monitor and analyze energy and production data in real time

Thanks to powerful dashboards, the collected data can be combined and analyzed individually. In this way, they provide valuable knowledge for operational and energy optimization in companies of all sizes and industries.

Features and functions

How "The Efficient Factory" works

Collect data from DERs, machines and building assets

  • Retrofittable sensors and energy meters collect energy, production and environmental data from machines,building and energy assets
  • Integrate devices and assets of the world's leading manufacturers
  • Data types include temperature, humidity, quantities, energy and power, thermal output and flow rates
  • The data is transmitted via sensor nodes and gateways (that run on KiwiOS) by using the Lemonbeat radio protocol
  • Data is logged and synchronized in real time

Monitor and analyze data in real time

  • Detailed load profile analysis
  • Analyze energy costs of a single building as well as across locations
  • Correlation analyses and comparisons of various assets
  • Individual configuration of your dashboard
  • Individual adjustment of analyses and graphics
  • Data source management (incl. sensor calibration)
  • Import and export data

White-label components for "The Efficient Factory"

What you get to resell our revolutionary industrial energy management system

bit.B Online Mon­i­tor

Combining, analyzing and visualising energy, production and environmental data


Professional services to tailor our solutions to your needs as well as 2nd level support for smooth operations


Scalable, real-time capable cloud system including CLS/EMT functionality and ISO/IEC 27001 compliancy


Communication and control device enabling our solutions in international markets

How your commercial and industrial customers benefit

Cost reduction and process optimization

Intelligent monitoring of an energy system can reduce energy costs by up to 25%. In addition, valuable insights into production and building data are also provided, enabling internal processes to be optimized.

Enhanced controlling and capital budgeting

"The Efficient Factory" makes it possible to provide an enhanced internal cost distribution. Companies receive management reports for key energy performance indicators, which can be used to derive volume and sustainability goals.

ISO 50001 implementation

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) is promoting the introduction of an energy management system according to ISO 50001 as well as independently of this. "The Efficient Factory" helps companies to introduce such an energy management system.

Retrofitting and simple expansion

Expanding the system is easy and user-friendly - just connect a further sensor to a new machine or sub distribution. In addition, our process and energy monitoring system can easily be retrofitted to companies.

Holistic insights

The system collects data from various data points in real time as well as leverages advanced data analytics. Therefore, companies get a detailed overview and approaches for saving energy as well as for production optimizations.

Extract maximum value for your business

How utilities who sell the system to commercial and industrial companies benefit

Short time to market

Acquire and retain customers by seamlessly adding "The Efficient Factory" to your product offering with a short time to market.

Software as a service

Benefit from low capital expenditures and low total cost of ownership thanks to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing model.

Turnkey solution

Enjoy a turnkey solution including hardware, software, technical support and marketing services.

Tap new revenue streams

Tap new revenue streams deriving from the digitization and decentralization of energy systems.

Brand enhancement

Strengthen your brand by providing your customers with an innovative solution in your corporate design.

Future proofness

Gain strategic flexibility thanks to a modular system and Kiwigrid's capability to tailor the system to individual needs

Succeeding with our solutions

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