The world's most powerful home energy management system

Kiwigrid's Independent Home is a white-labeled system for intelligent home energy management. It serves as a valuable addition to existing offerings of utilities and distributors of solar and battery storage. The Independent Home enables them to support their customers in becoming independent from volatile electricity prices and outages. The system reduces energy costs and carbon foot print for home owners significantly, by automating energy flows, purposefully utilizing PV production peaks and storage capacities. The Independent Home is empowered by a future-proofed secure infrastructure. Thanks to Kiwigrid's holistic approach of interconnected solutions, it offers many upselling opportunities for our partnering resellers.

Connect PV, battery storage and flexible consumption devices

Due to the ability of KiwiOS to connect more than 1,000 different devices from leading manufacturers enables a high degree of flexibility in the technical setup.

Optimize PV self-consumption

Homeowners achieve a very high degree of self-sufficiency by intelligently controlling battery storage, heat pumps and charging stations.

Monitor energy flows and costs in real-time

An intuitive and responsive application allows home owners to monitor energy flows and energy costs as well as the status of connected devices in real-time.

Features and functions

How "The Independent Home" works

Connect PV, battery storage and flexible consumption devices

  • Device drivers: Support of more than 1,000 different devices from the world's leading manufacturers
  • Device classes: Intelligent integration of inverters, electric cars, battery storage, heat pumps and large consumers
  • Interfaces and communication: RS485, RS232, Ethernet, KNX, Wireless M-Bus, CAN, S0, USB, Broadband Powerline, LTE

Optimize PV self-consumption

  • Self-learning algorithms: Magnified results by optimization of energy flows between PV production, battery storage, shiftable loads and the grid
  • Storage optimization: Charging and discharging of battery based on real time analyses and forecasts
  • Offline capability: Thanks to the intelligence being distributed on Gateways that run with KiwiOS and the KiwiCloud, the system also runs offline

Monitor energy flows and costs in real time

  • PV production, storage and consumption in real-time including self-sufficiency monitor
  • Accurate production and consumption forecast
  • Numerous data analysis capabilities, data export and infinite data history
  • Intuitive front-end for transparent visualization of earnings, expenses and savings
  • Live status report of all connected devices including automatic notification of your technical support

Turnkey components for "The Independent Home"

What you get to turn your customers into independent nanogrids

The Inde­pen­dent Home Mon­i­tor

Visualization, monitoring and analysis of energy flows, energy costs as well as PV production and consumption forecasts


Professional services to tailor our solutions to your needs as well as 2nd level support for smooth operations


Scalable, real-time capable cloud system including CLS/EMT functionality and ISO/IEC 27001 compliancy


Communication and control device enabling our solutions in international markets

Higher independency and lower energy costs

How home owners benefit

Become independent

The system enables home owners to supply themselves with clean energy, thus becoming independent of rising electricity prices.

Faster paypack

Homeowners tap the full potential of their PV-plus-storage system and thereby accelerate the amortization time of their investment.

Saving resources

Homeowners avoid the clean solar energy being "thrown away" and that valuable natural resources aren't wasted.

Keep control

Home owners keep control over costs and feed-in earnings by making energy flows transparent

Trust in security

Home owners can trust a highly-secure system thanks to end-to-end security at BSI and Common Criteria standards.

Stay flexible

Home owners stay flexible in terms of their technical setup thanks to Kiwigrid's capability to connect more than 1,000 different device classes from a wide array of world leading manufacturers.

Extract maximum value for your business

How system distributors and energy suppliers who sell "The Independent Home" to homeowners benefit

Acquire and retain customers

Acquire and retain customers by seamlessly adding "The Independent Home" to your product offering with a short time to market.

Low total cost of ownership

Benefit from low capital expenditures and low total cost of ownership thanks to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing model.

Short time to market

Enjoy a turnkey solution including hardware, software, technical 2nd level support as well as sales and marketing services.

Tap new revenue streams

Conquer new markets and tap new revenue streams deriving from the digitization and decentralization of energy systems.

Brand enhancement

Strengthen your brand by providing your customers with an innovative solution in your corporate design.

Future proofness

Gain strategic flexibility thanks to cutting-edge technology and a modular system with the capability to be tailored to your individual needs.

Succeeding with our solutions

Our trusted customers

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