Imagine an all-in-one solution for value-added services at the highest security level

Kiwigrid's "The Intelligent AMI" provides metering point operators with a comprehensive solution for the profitable deployment of smart metering systems. In this way, metering point operators create the foundation for tailor-made value-added services for all market roles on a single platform. This is achieved by the devolo SMGWplus equipped with KiwiOS and the KiwiCloud serving as an "active external market entity". Together with whitelabel-capable applications (KiwiApps) and professional services (KiwiServices), we shape these two infrastructure components into customer-centric solutions.

Value-added services for all market roles on one infrastructure

We offer metering point operators AMI-based solutions for direct sales to end customers or for resale to distributors, distribution system operators, balancing group managers, traders and aggregators.

Powerful and reliable interoperability and connectivity

The devolo SMGWplus and the KiwiCloud ensure interoperability with the leading GWA systems and enable device connectivity as well as communication via all relevant HAN, LMN and WAN technologies.

Security in accordance with BSI, FNN, PTB and ISO/IEC 27001

The devolo SMGWplus with embedded software intelligence and integrated CLS endpoint as well as the KiwiCloud meet all legal and regulatory requirements for smart metering systems and active external market entities.

Turnkey components for "The Intelligent AMI"

What MPOs get to offer value-added services based on a advanced metering infrastructure

devo­lo SMG­W­plus

Communication and control device enabling our solutions in the German market


Scalable, real-time capable cloud system including CLS/EMT functionality and ISO/IEC 27001 compliancy


Backend and frontend applications to enable control of DERs and to provide users with insights through compelling interfaces


Professional services to tailor our solutions to your needs as well as 2nd level support for smooth operations

Functions and features

Capabilities of "The Intelligent AMI"

Value-added services for all market roles on one infrastructure

  • Value-added services: Utilize the embedded KiwiOS for regulated and unregulated value-added services.
  • Update management: Seamlessly update the KiwiGateway with our value-added services or 3rd party applications during operations.
  • CLS management: The integrated CLS end point allows measurement, monitoring, and automation of CLS devices in real time.
  • EMT capabilities: Request smart meter data via an API, store encryption keys, decrypt and interpret smart meter data, map smart meter data into devices that are connected to the KiwiCloud, provide a public end-point to receive smart meter data and bind smart meter data identities to KiwiCloud users
  • Tariff and meter data management: Receive, process (aggregate) and forward metering data and set up various tariffs.

Powerful and reliable interoperability and connectivity

  • Connectivity: The KiwiGateway connects more than 1,000 DERs including inverters, battery storage, heat pumps, and charging stations.
  • Driver management: Our standardized data model for heterogeneous device interfaces and protocols enables communication with a variety of devices and functional data automation
  • WAN communication: Availability of leading Wide Area Network (WAN) technologies (BPLC, LTE, 3G)
  • GWA interoperability: It is interoperable with the leading Gateway Administration Systems.
  • 3rd party interoperability: Thanks to the support of communication protocol 61850, the KiwiGateway is interoperable with 3rd party Smart Meter Gateways and 3rd party CLS switching devices.
  • Remote DER management: The integrated configutation software allows diagnosis and configuration of connected DERs.

Security in accordance with BSI, FNN, PTB and ISO/IEC 27001

  • Certified Information Security Management System in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001
  • Protection profile BSI-CC-PP-0073 for Smart Meter Gateways
  • Protection profile BSI-CC-PP-0077 for security module
  • Technical guideline BSI TR-03109 for secure operations of Smart Metering Systems
  • Measurement and calibration authorization in accordance with PTB-A 50.8

How metering point operators benefit

Increase profit contribution of smart metering systems

Since the devolo SMGWplus comes with an embedded intelligence, utilities directly gain the ability to tap new revenue streams with innovative value-added services.

Enable truly smart grids

Tap the potential of a fully integrated CLS functionality to enable a variety of CLS use cases for DSOs, energy brokers, aggregators, energy suppliers and metering point oerators.

Avoid additional switching and control hardware

Thanks to the full switching and control capability of the devolo SMGWplus, utilities avoid the installation of additional hardware, such as CLS switching boxes.

Trust in the world's highest security standard

All components of our AMI solution are engineered to meet the German BSI and the international Common Criteria EAL4+ security level allowing our hardware and software to connect even the most sensitive parts of the grid.

Engage and retain end customers

Turn smart meter data into valuable insights and provide cutting-edge applications to acquire, engage and retain end customers.

Achieve 100% legal and regulatory compliancy

With "The Intelligent AMI" utilities ensure full compliancy to the German requirements for active external market participants, smart metering systems and controllable local systems.

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