Energy efficiency optimization for apartment buildings

Based on our Intelligent AMI, we offer advanced applications for sub-metering and technical support for tenant electricity. We help metering point operators, energy suppliers and the housing industry to automate meter data collection for gas, heat and water meters, improve billing accuracy and increase tenant satisfaction. In addition, we support PV and CHP-based electricity supply in apartment buildings with our broad device connectivity and many years of experience in optimizing self-consumption.

Submetering for gas, heat and water

Automated collection and transmission of production, billable consumption and device status data from all connected gas, heat and water devices

Technical support for supplying tenants with locally generated electricity

Connectivity for PV- and CHP-based electricity supply within apartment buildings

Consumption and cost monitoring app for tenants

Monitoring of energy consumption and costs in real-time including past performance, time series and load profiles as well as forecast of costs and consumption

Features and functions

How "The Next Generation Property" works

Automated data collection from gas, water and heat meters

  • Automated collection of production, consumption and device status data from all connected devices
  • Billable meter data collection from gas, heat and water meters in compliancy with Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
  • Transmission of billable data to meter data management (MDM) and customer information systems (CIS)
  • Connection of electricity, heat and water meters via the BSI-certified devolo SMGWplus
  • Secure transmission of the billable meter data via the ISO/IEC 27001 certified KiwiCloud

Optimize self-consumption from building-integrated PV and CHP

  • Benefit from Kiwigrid's vast experience and expertise in self-consumption optimization in single homes
  • Intelligent integration of inverters, electric cars, battery storage, CHP and heat pumps
  • Energy flow optimization based on real time analyses and forecasts
  • Magnified results by a self-learning algorithm with offline fallback option

Consumption and cost monitoring portal for tenants

  • Web-based application to create easy-to-read usage charts, graphs, billing estimates, cost-saving tips and educational information
  • We also support the integration of collected data into your existing customer web portal
  • Customizable, utility-branded interface to highlight important information
  • One-stop shop for usage, billing and energy profile information
  • Email or text alerts on important account information
  • Optional user services including disaggregation

White-label components for "The Advanced Real Estate"

What you get to provide your tenants with advanced metering and energy supply solutions

The Ten­ant Home Mon­i­tor

Visualization, monitoring and analysis of energy consumption and energy costs within a household


Scalable, real-time capable cloud system including CLS/EMT functionality and ISO/IEC 27001 compliancy


Communication and control device enabling our solutions in international markets

How tenants benefit

Cheaper electricity

Thanks to the opportunity to buy locally produced electricitiy, tenants get electricity at lower costs and become largely independent from electricity prices.

Higher convenience

Remote meter reading makes life for tenants easier, since they no longer have to grant access to service staff, and they no longer have to tansmit electricity meter data themselves.

More reliablity and trust

Kiwigrid's accurate submetering application reduces billing errors and ensures that tenants only pays for what they actually consume.

Better cost-saving decisions

The provided consumption and cost transparency enables tenants to translate energy expenditures into actionable information to reduce their energy consumption.

Extract maximum value for your business

How real estates and housing companies benefit

Reduced metering costs

Based on an accurate and automated meter data collection, our solution not only eliminates reading errors and avoids re-billing, but also reduces expenses for meter data collection.

Cash flow enforcement

Benefit from more frequent cash flows by converting annual or quarterly accounts to monthly billing and by eliminating billing delays.

Increased tenant satisfaction

By offering truly value-added services, housing and real estate companies attract high-quality, long-term tenants. In addition, they reduce tenant complaints and erase tampering.

Independency from traditional service providers

Our solutions help real estates and housing companies to become independent from traditional metering service providers.

All-in-one solution

Housing companies and real estates get an all-in-one solution for submetering and selling self-generated electricity to tenants.

Lower total cost of ownership

Housing companies and real estates deploy a solution based on a turnkey infrastructure and a software-as-a-service pricing.

Succeeding with our solutions

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