Solution for the aggregation of small-scale assets

"The Optimized Portfolio" aggregates small-scale distributed energy resources that serve as a valuable addition of existing trading portfolios. The assets are tapped by Kiwigrid's partners by integrating flexible large-scale consumers, battery storage and PV excess energy into our platform via the "Independent Home" and "The Efficient Factory" solutions. The application enables traders and balancing group managers to utilize those resources with regards to their specific needs. This primarily includes the optimization of balancing groups on the day-ahead and intraday markets.

Integration of aggregated small-scale DERs into existing portfolios

Leverage thousands of already existing distributed energy resources on the Kiwigrid Pungao Platform. Kiwigrid's partner network will exploit additional resources for you through our "The Independent Home" and "The Efficient Factory" solutions.

Utilization of aggregated DERs on spot markets for optimization of balancing groups

We provide you with accurate flexibility forecasts of all connected devices and seamlessly transmit them to your portfolio management system. In the event of a power request, we will take the schedules calculated by you via the respective grid control system and execute them via our aggregator application and the devolo SMGWplus.

Features and functions

How "The Optimized Portfolio" works

Integration of aggregated small-scale DERs into existing portfolios

  • Harness thousands of already connected distributed energy resources on Kiwigrid's Pungao Platform.
  • Integrate additional assets through Kiwigrid's high-profile partner network.
  • We provide data models for small-scale flexibility classes, such as "battery storage", "PV excess energy" and "night storage heaters".
  • To integrate new flexibilities classes, individual driver development and modelling can be carried out.
  • The integration of external SCADA or grid control systems is possible through individual interface development.

Utilization of aggregated DERs on spot markets for optimization of balancing groups

  • Forecasts are based on generation, consumption, weather forecast and set-points limit values
  • Dispatching is calculated at the device level and time series are provided with a 15-minute resolution.
  • The desired schedule is transfered to the aggregator or trader system via a secure interface.
  • Individual schedules are simultaneously transmitted to flexible devices via the devolo SMGWplus
  • Empowered by KiwiOS and the EMT-capable KiwiCloud, the devolo SMGWplus carries out the received schedule for the device.
  • Re-dispatch of an existing schedule is always possible if the parameters have changed significantly.
  • System users can check whether the single flexibility supplies are corresponding to the single request.

Turnkey components for "The Optimized Portfolio"

What you get to optimize your existing trading portfolio

The Opti­mized Port­fo­lio Man­ag­er

Monitoring and management of aggregated assets with regards to customer-specific objectives


Professional services to tailor our solutions to your needs as well as 2nd level support for smooth operations


Scalable, real-time capable cloud system including CLS/EMT functionality and ISO/IEC 27001 compliancy


Communication and control device enabling our solutions in international markets

Effortless integration of small-scale assets and reduced portfolio risks

How energy traders and balancing group managers benefit

Lower costs for balancing energy

The integration of aggregated small-scale assets reduces the volatility risks of portfolios. This leads to lower balancing group deviations and penalties for balancing energy.

Effortless integration of small-scale assets

Kiwigrid’s vast partner network enables the fast and easy integration of small-scale assets into existing portfolio.

Enhanced forecasting

Our quarter-hourly forecasts from aggregated small-scale assets enhances the overall consumption and production forecasts within a (sub-) balancing group.

Reliable and secure DER control

Empowered by KiwiOS and our powerful aggregator application, the devolo SMGWplusreliably and securely executes the calculated schedules for every single device.

Future-proof infrastructure

Kiwigrid’s "Intelligent AMI" ensures full BSI and FNN compliance with respect to CLS control via smart metering systems.

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