Smart electric vehicle charging solutions

Using "The Situational Car" solutions, electric vehicles are intelligently charged in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Our solutions are thereby helping residential and business customers to achieve further cost savings and to make more efficient use of solar energy. On top of that, we enable distribution system operators (DSOs) to smoothly integrate electric vehicles into distribution grids. With "The Situational Car", customers get a flexible application that seamlessly integrates vehicle charging with Kiwigrid's other solutions.

Optimized charging of electric vehicles in consideration of dynamic tariffs and grid capacity needs

Incentive-based charging of electric vehicle in consideration of dynamic tariffs, PV production, battery storage, household consumption and grid-related requirements

"Vehicle to home" charging solution for PV self-consumption optimization

Intelligent charging solution to increase self-sufficiency within a system consisting of a PV plant, battery storage and bi-directional charging station, including providing guaranteed capacity for spot markets

Holistic monitoring and intelligent charging of an electric vehicle fleet infrastructure

Holistic monitoring of the charging infrastructure and the energy demand of an electric vehicle fleet, as well as intelligent charging solution, under consideration of the locally available PV and wind energy.

Features and functions

How "The Situational Car" works

Optimized charging of EVs in consideration of dynamic tariffs and grid capacity needs

  • Optimized charging of the electric vehicle based on load-variable tariffs, PV production, battery storage, household consumption and grid-related requirements
  • Calculation of charging plan based on location-specific PV generation and consumption forecasts (learning of user behavior for better forecasting)
  • Grid flexibility through consideration of grid requirements and automatic phase switching
  • Seamless integration of the tariff-based and grid-based charging solution with "The Independent Home"

"Vehicle to home" charging solution for PV self-consumption optimization

  • Smart system consisting of PV, battery storage, large-scale consumers and bi-directional charging station
  • Bi-directional charging station with home integration, electric vehicle interface and charging algorithm
  • Seamless integration of the "vehicle to home" charging solution with "The Independent Home"

Holistic monitoring and intelligent charging of an EV fleet infrastructure

  • Holistic monitoring of an electric vehicle fleet's infrastructure and energy demand
  • Control and optimization of the storage capacity according to the locally available PV and wind energy
  • Status monitoring of the entire infrastructure including single components
  • Seamless integration of the electric vehicle fleet solution with "The Efficient Factory"

Turnkey components for "The Situational Car"

What you get to turn your customers into electric vehicle pioneers

The Sit­u­a­tion­al Car Mon­i­tor

Transparency about the energy demand, the current charging process, the charging history and the charging costs


Professional services to tailor our solutions to your needs as well as 2nd level support for smooth operations


Scalable, real-time capable cloud system including CLS/EMT functionality and ISO/IEC 27001 compliancy


Communication and control device enabling our solutions in international markets

Paving the way for electromobility

How electric vehicle owners benefit

Cost-effective charging

Depending on the chosen energy tariff, the intelligent logics of our solution will automatically select the cheapest charging periods.

Convenient and time-efficient charging

Elelectric vehicle owners can take advantage of our fully automated plug and charge system, which is cost optimized to make the charging process even faster and more convenient.

Transparent charging costs and savings

Owners gain full transparency and get insights into their vehicle's energy demand, the actual charging process and history. They also can keep an eye on charging costs and savings – anytime and anywhere.

The sustainable way of charging

Thanks to the seamless integration with Kiwigrid's "The Independent Home" or "The Efficient Factory", electric vehicles charge solar power for maximum sustainability.

Extract maximum value for your business

How utilities and system distributors who sell our EV charging solutions benefit

Short time to market

Acquire and retain customers by seamlessly adding "The Situational Car" to their product offering with a short time to market.

Software as a service

Benefit from low capital expenditures and low total cost of ownership thanks to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing model.

Turnkey solution

Enjoy a turnkey solution including hardware, software, technical support and marketing services.

Tap new revenue streams

Tap new revenue streams deriving from the digitization and decentralization of energy systems.

Brand enhancement

Strengthen your brand by providing your customers with an innovative solution in your corporate design.

Future proofness

Gain strategic flexibility thanks to a modular system and Kiwigrid's capability to tailor the system to individual needs

Succeeding with our solutions

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