A 100% sustainable energy world

We believe in a world that seamlessly runs with sustainable energy. A world in which the energy ecosystem is in balance with nature and our society. We want to make this world a reality by bringing together businesses from different sectors on an industry platform for next-generation energy services.

Our mission

What we develop

Recoding energy

We rethink energy systems and create energy services for a new world of energy. To achieve this, we develop and operate a cutting-edge IoT platform with maximum modularity, interoperability, security and scalability.

How we create value

Building an ecosystem

We translate technology and next-generation energy services into added value for companies. In doing so, we bring together companies from multiple industries in an open ecosystem. We not only inspire our partners to a new way of generating, distributing and supplying energy but we also guide them to venture into new markets.

How we sustain value

Embracing sustainability

The future of our planet, our customers and our employees is at the heart of our work. But Kiwigrid is not just another company. We are the catalysts of a movement empowered by passionate “Kiwis” who share a vision of a sustainable and intelligent world of energy.